Parish Bulletin - Week Commencing: 16th July 2017

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Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Morning Psalter week 3
Prayer Intention This Week
For the Christian communities of East Leeds.

Prayer For The Canonisation Of Blessed John Henry Newman


Blessed John Henry NewmanGod our Father, you granted to your servant Blessed John Henry Newman wonderful gifts of nature and of grace, that he should be a spiritual light in the darkness of this world, an eloquent herald of the Gospel, and a devoted servant of the one Church of Christ

With confidence in his heavenly intercession, we make the following petition for the conversion of England, for the sacramental unity of all people and for ourselves, his children in the faith.

For his insight into the mysteries of the kingdom, his zealous defence of the teachings of the Church, and his priestly love for each of your children, we pray that he may soon be numbered among the Saints through Christ our Lord.

Blessed John Henry Newman - pray for us
St. Gregory the Great - pray for us
St. Theresa of Lisieux - pray for us
All you angels and saints - pray for us

Tales From Corpus Christi

Prayer is Amazing!

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time looking through books and magazines for something interesting or amusing for the newsletter. Recently I came across an article written by an unbeliever, who described prayer as "The most incredible con in the history of mankind," arguing that if you worked for General Motors as a humble employee and wanted to speak to the boss, you wouldn't have the remotest chance of doing it. I suppose when you think about it, he's probably right, what would happen if a citizen tried to speak to the Prime Minister about some problem? You would probably find yourself speaking to an undersecretary to an assistant to somebody, but certainly not the Prime minister. As the unbeliever puts it, "What incredible conceit to suppose that at any moment we can talk to the boss of the whole universe."

Indeed, the concept of prayer would indeed be an incredible con, if it weren't true, but fortunately it is true. It is the most amazing act of love on the part of a gracious God. It's perfectly true that you could never speak directly to the most highly placed people in the world, yet the most highly placed person in the universe - the Boss of everything, waits patiently to hear what you have to say. The Bible tells us, "We can come before God with freedom and without fear - through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ." Isn't it amazing that this day and every day, we have the great privilege of prayer. We can talk to God and tell Him all our worries and cares and share with Him our triumphs and joys and he always has time to listen. Prayer really is ......Amazing!

Jesus Said, "Truly I say to you, if you ask anything of the Father, He will give it to you in my name. Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full."

Bulletin News

GIFT AID TAX REFUND FROM THE INLAND REVENUE: Letters are available for all who have a GAD with the parish. Please collect your letter to avoid the parish having to pay postage. For the tax year ending 5th April 2017 we have
received back from the Inland Revenue the sum of £18,596.22 from the offertory collection and £805.23 for the youth fund collection. I thank you for your generous support. If you a tax payer and would like to sign if for Gift Aid please contact the parish office on 2645260 any weekday morning.

Visitation of the World Apostolate of Fatima National Pilgrim Statue. The statue will visit Leeds Cathedral on Saturday 2nd September 2017. See the
poster with the full details of the visit and the timetable for the day on the church notice board.

Leeds Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham. The Leeds Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham will take place this year on Saturday 30th September 2017.
The Pilgrimage will begin with the celebration of Holy Mass starting at 12:00 Noon at the Catholic Shrine located near the Slipper Chapel.

SUMMER SONGS OF PRAISE organised by Seacroft Churches Together takes place on Sunday 16th July at 3pm in Seacroft Methodist Church, York Road. This will be followed by refreshments. Favourite Hymns/Songs to be included can be written on the list in St Gregory's Church.


£25 207 O Waite C/O Denis
£10 069 T Graggs Manstons
£5 184 A Armitage Southwoods
£5 195 M Fisher Kppax
£5 464 A Timms Halton

EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS FOR CORPUS CHRISTI 5.15PM MASS: Can YOU help. Due to various reasons, numbers are low. If you are willing to go on this rota
please contact Paul Lawson 2326996. Thank you. If you are not a minister but would like to be considered, please see one of the priests or Paul.

DAY OF PRAYER FOR VOCATIONS: Mount St Joseph's, Shire Oak Road, on Saturday 22nd July from 10am till 4pm. See poster for more details.

PARISH KEY REGISTER JUNE 2017. It is 3 years since we created the key register of who holds keys to any of our parish properties (i.e. Church Houses, Halls etc). To enable us to keep this up to date I ask ALL key holders to complete a form (to be found in the church porch) of which keys you hold and for which property and why you have the keys. Please return the form by 16th
July. If you no longer require keys you hold please return them to the parish office in an envelope for the attention of Mary with your name, telephone number and where the keys are for. Thank you.

Diocese of Leeds - IMPORTANT NOTICE Killingbeck Cemetery York Road Leeds LS14 6AB. UNDER HEALTH AND SAFETY LEGISLATION The Diocese of Leeds has
an obligation to ensure the safety of all visitors to KILLINGBECK CEMETERY. As a consequence, an ongoing programme of testing of the stability of all grave memorials within KILLINGBECK CEMETERY is to commence. SEE THE NOTICE IN EACH CHURCH PORCH.
TELEPHONE: 264 5247 OFFICE HRS MONDAY - FRIDAY 08:00 - 16:00

APF (Red boxes): Due to be emptied over the next few weeks. Sue & Bill will be at Corpus Christi & St Gregory's over the weekend of the 29th & 30th July to collect and empty your boxes.

APF Missions thank everyone who supports the red boxes for their continued generous support. During 2016 the parish raised £4,809.70 from all the boxes in our parish. Thank you to all who have a box and a special thank you to those who empty the boxes each quarter.

St Theresa�s Beaver Scouts: The Beaver Scouts have spare places that need to be filled. Are there any boys and girls between 6 and 8 years who may be interested in joining the Beavers for Fun and Excitement? Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 7.15pm if interested call Nick on 07956-886917 or call in on Wednesday evening.

ST GREGORY�S RAINBOWS who meet at Grimes Dyke School have a few
vacancies. They meet on a Wednesday between 5.30 � 6.30pm. For more details contact Ruth on 2644911.

Brownies Tuesday evening 6pm � 7.15pm for years 7-10 years. There are places available. If interested call in or ring Nicola 07745631886

Summer Accommodation in London: Allen Hall Seminary in Chelsea offer comfortable rooms in central London in July and August. Beautiful gardens and chapel. Rooms from £50 per night (including breakfast). Website:, Email: or Telephone: 020 7349 5600 (choose option 0).

Holy Ground leaflet for July & August available in the church porch.

Time to Talk: If you know of anyone who needs a sympathetic ear � perhaps they are lonely or have a family problem or money troubles � they can drop in for a cup of tea, a piece of cake and a chat with one of our trained volunteers. We�re in the Newman Centre each Friday afternoon from 2.00-4.00pm (except Good Friday). If you think you�d like to join us and become a listener please give us a call. Training is given and you need only commit to a couple of hours a month. Call Adrian on 07817388332 for details.

Bulletin Items

Parish Pastoral Council AGM Saturday 23rd September in the Newman Centre 1.00pm - 2.30pm
For the AGM we invite ALL parish groups to submit a report for their group telling the parish what you do, when and where. This will be included in a booklet that will be issued before the meeting.
It will help if all reports could be submitted by Sunday 3rd September or before if ready. The earlier the better. Please submit to or in an envelope marked "Parish AGM report"
Look forward to getting your reports!

PARISH BIG GET TOGETHER - A GRETA BIG THANK YOU to all who were involved in making last Sunday a wonderful family occasion. There was so much thought, planning, meetings and preparation over many months to bring the "Our Parish Family" together. Well done to all. If you could not be there look out for the "Family Trees" in church where you can add your name to them. Hands will be in church soon. (Remember the doors and keys last year!) What next year!

Pick up a leaflet and prepare for next Sundays Mass!

Our own Youth Fund second collection this weekend

CELEBRATION OF MARRIED LIFE: On Saturday 7th October 2017, there will be a special Celebration Mass for Married Life at Leeds Cathedral for couples and their families celebrating their 25th (Silver), 40th (Ruby), 50th (Golden), 60th (Diamond) and 70th (Platinum) wedding anniversaries this year, 2017. The Mass will fulfil the Sunday Obligation and there will be an opportunity for couples, who wish to do so, to renew their marriage vows during the liturgy. If you are celebrating the anniversary of your wedding and you would like to take part in this celebration, please fill out the application form which is available from the parish office. Ring Mary 2645260 any weekday morning. The application must be returned by Tuesday, 12th September 2017

CATHOLIC CARE will be holding their Annual Meeting on Wednesday 27th September at Leeds Trinity University at 7pm. There will be opportunity to hear news and updates from our Diocesan Charity and also to hear guest speaker
Elizabeth Davies speak about "Amoris Laetitia", "Love in the Family". Please save the date. More details to follow.

CARITAS LEEDS will be formally launched by Bishop Marcus on Saturday 23rd September at Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College in Leeds between 1:00pm-5:00 pm. It will consist of addresses by Bishop Marcus, Dr Philip McCarthy, Chief Executive of Catholic Social Action Network (CSAN) and the coordinator of Caritas Leeds. Participants will have the opportunity to attend a number of short but engaging workshops and networking.

LARGE PRINT HYMN BOOKS We have purchased 12 books for each of our three
churches. Please ask for one if needed.

St Theresa's Church Cleaners: Team B 21 July.


All children going to the toilet must be accompanied by their parent/guardian.

Will the parents of the young children who are changing to serve Mass and need assistance please help them. Please do not leave it to other adults.


If you are thinking of getting married in any of our churches at least 6 months' notice must be given. This will enable the couple's preparation and the necessary paper work to be completed

Gluten Free Hosts

There is a supply of hosts in each church. Should you need one of the hosts consecrating please make yourself known to the priest before Mass starts.

Mass Offerings

If you wish a Mass to be said on a certain date for a special intention then we ask you to please give 12 weeks' notice.


LIFE: Pregnant?
Need to talk? Life will help. Ring


Please pray for the repose of
Please pray for the repose of: Emma Hoban, Bridget Warren, Susan Hodginson Anne Montague, Joe Johnson, John Smith, Anthony Critchley, James Glacken, and Chris Arckless, who have died recently and for Michael Loftus, Josefa Silva & Family, Ann Kennedy, Ben & Ann Ryan whose anniversaries occur at this time.

Mass Intentions received:
For Lately Deceased:

Anne Montague x 3 Masses, Joe Johnson, John Smith, Anthony Critchley, James Glacken, Chris Arckless, Emma Hoban.

For Anniversaries:
Josefa Silva & Family, Eileen Reape, Maureen Markham, James Moran, Ann Kennedy, Ben & Ann Ryan, Joseph Valentine.

For other Intentions:
Pat McGroarty Successful operation

Please Pray for All Who Are Sick, including,
Mark Ashworth ,Lesley Barnes Joshua Barrow (12 years), Susan Boggs, Joan Brown, Jack Denison, Julie & Mark Digings, Christine Flynn ,Martin Flynn, Peter Foy, Ted Fryer, Claire Gafney, Maria Grogan, Peter Hanlon, Josh Harland, Barbara Hayes, Shirley Hesellton, Dorothy Hill (lives in Derbyshire), Mr Howell, Veronica Kear-Brown, Tony Kearney, Margaret Kelly, Joe Markham, Anita Mason, Elsa McGee, Jean McGuire, Mary Meehan, Teresa Moses, Molly Neal, Beryl Oakes, Tina Parker, Terry Pickles, Elijah Robinson (Baby), Scott Summers Jnr. (2years old), Deborah Tree, Pat Walker, Maureen Walsh, Eileen Winn.

New names will be added in alphabetical order and highlighted for the first week.

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